Nostimo is turning éna!

Join us this week from Tuesday 18 – Sunday 23 June as we celebrate our first birthday.

Enjoy limited-edition dishes that recall some of the greatest flavours from menus that span the past seven years, re-imagined in Nostimo fashion.

Plus, on Friday 21 June (the big day) enjoy an exclusive birthday dessert, as well as exciting prize giveaways!

Bookings essential. Call our friendly team on 3844 1166 to secure your table.


Nostimo to welcome rock star chef for one flavour-filled week in May

Greek Superchef Dimitris Katrivesis to join Nostimo Chef-in-Residence, David Tsirekas for an exciting week of flavour in May, including Brisbane’s first ever Greek Yum Cha experience

El Bulli (Spain) – Ryugin (Tokyo) – Dos Palillos (Barcelona) – Fuga (Athens) – Nostimo (Brisbane)

His cooking has been described as ‘daring, self-assured and full of expression’, a chef who makes ‘harmonious and refined dishes, not just ones with intensity and macho charm’ and this May, Brisbane will experience the famed flavours of Greek superchef Chef Dimitris Katrivesis firsthand when he takes up residence at Nostimo Restaurant & Bar ahead of the Paniyiri Greek Festival.


Pioneers of Contemporary Greek in Brisbane

It certainly is an exciting time for Greek cuisine in Australia, with modern Greek fare having its time in the spotlight. We love this article in Neos Kosmos highlighting how a new generation of creative cooks are spearheading the modernisation of the Greek food scene in Melbourne.

Likewise, Brisbane is undergoing a Greek food revolution. We are so proud to be pioneering this shift in modern Greek cuisine here in Brisbane at Nostimo. Our internationally acclaimed Chef In Residence, David Tsirekas, has created for Nostimo a Greek menu like no other, bringing his unique flair to traditional dishes we know and love.

General Manager of Nostimo and The Greek Club, Andrew Tambakis, said David’s work with Nostimo has been pivotal to the shift in Greek cuisine in Brisbane.


Introducing the Tsitsipas Martini!

Greece is the word for anyone following the Australian Open! In celebration, we’ve introduced the Tsitsipas Martini – Nostimo’s cocktail of the week!

To wish our incredible Greek athlete, Stefanos Tsitsipas, the very best of luck in the Australian Open we have created an exclusive cocktail in his honour.

Paying tribute to his Greek roots, the Tsitsipas Martini includes a base of Ouzo San Rival, produced just 15km from the area of Glyfada in Greece where Tsitsipas has trained. This is followed by a dose of Smirnoff Vodka, honouring his mother’s heritage.


Signature Series: The Pomegranate Mojito

Switch up your after-work drink of choice and opt for a journey through Greece with one of Nostimo’s signature cocktails, designed by Restaurant Manager Kostas Manekas. Utilising quality ingredients and spirits synonymous with the region, our Greek inspired cocktails offer the ultimate island escape.

To help make choosing your which to have a little easier, Kostas has shared his insight to bring you the flavour files on our signature cocktails.

First up we have Kostas’ personal favourite and a cocktail that is exceptionally fitting for this time of year, the Pomegranate Mojito.


Meet our Summer ’19 Menu

“I have designed this menu to take you on a journey of the flavours and traditions of the Hellenes through the ages. The Hellenic cuisine spans back as one of the oldest of all civilizations since 1000 BC. Some will be traditional and some will be contemporary and ideas that have travelled through time.

In all that time Hellenes and friends of Philhellenes have been eating one way…SHARING. Sharing their table and homes, their food, their stories and their love of togetherness.”

– David Tsirekas – Chef In Residence


The Nostimo Herb Garden

Out the front of our restaurant, all around the Nostimo sign is a herb garden. Mixed in with other greenery so you may not notice unless you’re looking there is an abundance of herbs.

We’re home to Greek basil, rosemary, thyme, oregano, cherry tomatoes, creeping thyme and creeping rosemary. And they’re most definitely not here just for decoration. Our chefs use these herbs in various dishes. They have recently been using a lot of our Greek basil as it’s been growing out of control. Greek basil is a great herb that will survive when it’s a little cooler but thrives in the warm weather that Queensland provides.


RECIPE | Pork Belly Baklava


Filling Ingredients

  • Full side pork belly, skin on and bone out
  • 500g pitted dates
  • 500g pistachio kernels
  • Dijon mustard
  • Sea salt
  • 1 litre white vinegar
  • Salt and cracked pepper to season

Drunken Greek Prawns…last seen at Nostimo Restaurant & Bar in West End!

You know it’s going to be a fantastic summer when the menu boasts DRUNKEN GREEK PRAWNS! Chef in Residence at Nostimo Restaurant & Bar at West End, the acclaimed flavour-maker David Tsirekas, has added this brilliantly named dish to a menu that celebrates classic Greek dishes in a thoroughly modern way.

And that’s not the only new addition – he has also once again called on his love of Greek literary texts and introduced the Tselementes Mousaka 1910, based on the original 1910 recipe of braised lamb, potato gratin, eggplant and bechamel layers.

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