Nostimo is turning éna!

Join us this week from Tuesday 18 – Sunday 23 June as we celebrate our first birthday.

Enjoy limited-edition dishes that recall some of the greatest flavours from menus that span the past seven years, re-imagined in Nostimo fashion.

Plus, on Friday 21 June (the big day) enjoy an exclusive birthday dessert, as well as exciting prize giveaways!

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Nostimo to welcome rock star chef for one flavour-filled week in May

Greek Superchef Dimitris Katrivesis to join Nostimo Chef-in-Residence, David Tsirekas for an exciting week of flavour in May, including Brisbane’s first ever Greek Yum Cha experience

El Bulli (Spain) – Ryugin (Tokyo) – Dos Palillos (Barcelona) – Fuga (Athens) – Nostimo (Brisbane)

His cooking has been described as ‘daring, self-assured and full of expression’, a chef who makes ‘harmonious and refined dishes, not just ones with intensity and macho charm’ and this May, Brisbane will experience the famed flavours of Greek superchef Chef Dimitris Katrivesis firsthand when he takes up residence at Nostimo Restaurant & Bar ahead of the Paniyiri Greek Festival.

Chef Dimitris Katrivesis is famed globally as a master of Greek cuisine, both traditional and modern, and his CV includes some of the world’s very best restaurants. After studying culinary arts in Athens in 1996, his passion for global flavours and learning has taken him from five-time world number one restaurant, the three-Michelin starred El Bulli in Spain, to Luxembourg, Paris and Tokyo where he worked at the acclaimed three-Michelin starred restaurant Ryugin.

He returned to Greece and used his unmatched international experience to create the unique concept JSP, a blend of Japanese/Spanish/Peruvian flavours mixed with his Greek influences. He’s the author of “The Real Deal”, a book on Peruvian street food and is currently based in Athens, where he leads the famed Fuga Restaurant set in the gardens of the magnificent Athens Concert Hall. It is at Fuga that he perfected Greek Yum Cha, a concept he and Chef Tsirekas will bring to Nostimo Restaurant for the Paniyiri weekend!

Chef Katrivesis was convinced to visit Brisbane by his friend, Chef Tsirekas, himself famed for changing the approach to Greek cuisine here in Australia and internationally (of course Chef Tsirekas heads up Sydney’s acclaimed 1821 and was also poached  by mega restaurateur Louie Alexakis two years ago to oversee the opening of two Greek restaurants in Chicago).

While Chef Katrivesis’s visit to Brisbane is for just over one week, in the sharing spirit so famous in Greece, there are plenty of opportunities for food lovers to taste his fare and meet The Man!


May 12 and 13: An introduction to South East Queensland produce!

On arrival in Brisbane, Chef Katrivesis will be taken straight to meet South East Queensland’s wonderful local producers, hosted by Chef Tsirekas. Both Chefs were brought up to champion local flavours and they will visit the Schultz Farm near Toowoomba and be introduced to the very best local seafood with famed fisherman Chris Bolton.


Tuesday May 14 to Friday May 17: Katrivesis at Nostimo

With Chef Katrivesis in residence, he will work with local South East Queensland produce creating daily lunch and dinner specials showcasing his  famous style, as well as mentoring the kitchen team at Nostimo. To make a reservation, call 07 3844 1166 or email dine@nostimorestaurant.com.au


Wednesday May 15: Katrivesis Signature Degustation Dinner

In a culinary event not to be missed, Chefs Tsirekas and Chef Katrivesis will host a Signature Degustation Dinner in Nostimo Restaurant with the menu designed by Chef Katrivesis & MC’d by Chef Tsirekas. Tickets are $120 per person for the menu only, matched wines optional – to book visit Eventbrite or call 07 3844 1166.


Saturday and Sunday, May 18 and 19 – Meze Karotsi at Nostimo: Paniyiri Geek Festival

Over the famous Paniyiri Greek Festival weekend, Nostimo Restaurant will be transformed into Brisbane’s first ever Greek Yum-Cha … introducing the Meze Karotsi/Greek Trolley, a style Chef Katrivesis has made famous throughout the world! Diners can enjoy unique Greek meze plates in traditional Yum-Cha fashion, and to add to the authenticity of the event each guest will receive faux Greek currency to use!  See paniyiri.com.au


Saturday and Sunday, May 18 and 19: Paniyiri Geek Festival Cooking Demonstrations

Both Chef Tsirekas and Chef Katrivesis will star in hugely popular Cooking Demonstration Program over the two days of Paniyiri, held upstairs at The Greek Club. For detail see Paniyiri.com.au


Pioneers of Contemporary Greek in Brisbane

It certainly is an exciting time for Greek cuisine in Australia, with modern Greek fare having its time in the spotlight. We love this article in Neos Kosmos highlighting how a new generation of creative cooks are spearheading the modernisation of the Greek food scene in Melbourne.

Likewise, Brisbane is undergoing a Greek food revolution. We are so proud to be pioneering this shift in modern Greek cuisine here in Brisbane at Nostimo. Our internationally acclaimed Chef In Residence, David Tsirekas, has created for Nostimo a Greek menu like no other, bringing his unique flair to traditional dishes we know and love.

General Manager of Nostimo and The Greek Club, Andrew Tambakis, said David’s work with Nostimo has been pivotal to the shift in Greek cuisine in Brisbane.

“It is his commitment to celebrating local produce and his experience in understanding the history of Greek cuisine, together with his vision for shaking up Brisbane’s Hellenic dining culinary scene that makes him such a wonderful leader for Nostimo Bar Restaurant,” says Mr. Tambakis.

The Neos Kosmos article notes Australia’s unique position to foster these changes, quoting Professor Rachel Ankeny, leader of the food values research group at The University of Adelaide – “Australia is blessed with many diverse cuisines due to its multicultural history, but those cuisines are constantly in evolution and often become hybridised with each other and with local practices due to the influences of climate, available products, and consumer demand”.

David Tsirekas champions this belief, celebrating fresh local produce in all of his modern Greek creations.

“My dishes focus on tradition while still being contemporary and fun, and hero everything that is celebrated about Greek cuisine: produce, quality, seasonality and freshness,” says David.

Among David’s dishes on the Nostimo menu, is the famous Pork Belly Baklava. Representing a merging of savoury and sweet with the layering of meat and fat echoing pastry and nuts in the traditional baklava incarnation. The new summer menu introduces a new flavour fusion in David’s Prawn Manti dish – Greek style dumplings with prawn filling served with carrot puree, candied walnuts and a burnt butter currant dressing.

Another of David’s new dishes, the Kingfish Tartare, represents a rehashing of classical ancient ideals of Hellenic cuisine, celebrating beautifully fresh raw kingfish prepared with traditional flavours of Greek basis, ouzo and lemon, yet presented with a new-age elegance.

Experience the venue at forefront of contemporary Greek cuisine in Brisbane. Book your table here or call our friendly team on 3844 1166.


Introducing the Tsitsipas Martini!

Greece is the word for anyone following the Australian Open! In celebration, we’ve introduced the Tsitsipas Martini – Nostimo’s cocktail of the week!

To wish our incredible Greek athlete, Stefanos Tsitsipas, the very best of luck in the Australian Open we have created an exclusive cocktail in his honour.

Paying tribute to his Greek roots, the Tsitsipas Martini includes a base of Ouzo San Rival, produced just 15km from the area of Glyfada in Greece where Tsitsipas has trained. This is followed by a dose of Smirnoff Vodka, honouring his mother’s heritage.

Reflecting the signature colour of the tennis, the Tsitsipas Martini gets its signature yellow hue from a vivacious lemon liqueur.

To finish, the cocktail is balanced with the salt from our green olives and garnished with olive branches from our very own garden to reflect our admiration for this brilliant athlete.

In ancient Greece an olive branch was awarded to any athlete who won at the Olympics. The symbol of the olive tree has very deep roots in Greek tradition; it symbolizes wealth, health, beauty, wisdom and abundance.

Available at Nostimo all week!


Signature Series: The Pomegranate Mojito

Switch up your after-work drink of choice and opt for a journey through Greece with one of Nostimo’s signature cocktails, designed by Restaurant Manager Kostas Manekas. Utilising quality ingredients and spirits synonymous with the region, our Greek inspired cocktails offer the ultimate island escape.

To help make choosing your which to have a little easier, Kostas has shared his insight to bring you the flavour files on our signature cocktails.

First up we have Kostas’ personal favourite and a cocktail that is exceptionally fitting for this time of year, the Pomegranate Mojito.

It is customary all through Greece on the first day of the year, while we are entering our house for the very first time for the year, also known as ποδαρικό (podariko), to break a pomegranate on our doorstep.

We enter the house with the right foot first and then we break a pomegranate that has been blessed by our church on the doorstep while saying, “With health and happiness, and as many seeds the pomegranate has that many gold coins to come our way.”

This tradition has been transferred from generation to generation and it is this tradition that gave me the inspiration for Nostimo’s signature Pomegranate Mojito. This particular tradition reminds me my childhood, and as a matter of fact on the 1st of December 2018 while I was designing our cocktail list, my 18 month old son then experienced for the very first time this tradition by breaking the pomegranate on our home.

Make sure you grab one of our Pomegranate Mojito cocktails before January is over, and celebrate a fruitful year ahead!

If you don’t make it in before the end of January, never fear. Our Pomegranate Mojito is available all year round!


Meet our Summer ’19 Menu

“I have designed this menu to take you on a journey of the flavours and traditions of the Hellenes through the ages. The Hellenic cuisine spans back as one of the oldest of all civilizations since 1000 BC. Some will be traditional and some will be contemporary and ideas that have travelled through time.

In all that time Hellenes and friends of Philhellenes have been eating one way…SHARING. Sharing their table and homes, their food, their stories and their love of togetherness.”

– David Tsirekas – Chef In Residence

We are introducing some exciting new dishes on this menu. Here are some of our favourites:

  •  Zucchini & Eggplant Crisps: Served with florina pepper dipping sauce
  •  Tuna Tartare: Diced tuna, fennel, shallots, Greek basil, Ouzo jelly, smoky eggplant puree, tomato crisps, lemon
  • Prawn Manti: Greek style dumplings with prawn filling served with carrot puree, candied walnuts, burnt butter currant dressing
  • Fried Barramundi Savoro: Whole fish fried in chickpea flour, served with a Peloponnesian sweet and sour salad of orange and lemon segment, grape, Spanish onion, sliced fennel, coriander, toasted almonds, shallots, carrot and chilli


Plus our much loved Nostimo Banquet is now bigger and better than ever with some exciting additions:

To Start:

  • Mixed dips & pita bread: Tarama White roe caviar, Tzatziki Yoghurt, garlic, cucumber, carrot, Tyrokafteri Feta, ricotta, red peppers
  • Horiatiki: Tomato, cucumber, Spanish onion, kalamata olives, red capsicum, radish, oregano, extra virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar and feta
  • Saganaki: Kefalograviera with caramalised figs and candied walnuts
  • Pork Belly Baklava: Roasted pork belly, pistachios, dates, pork crackling, date mustard mastiha sauce
  • BBQ Octopus: Charred with pickled vegetables and warmed split pea puree
  • Fried Calamari: Lightly dusted in rice flour with ouzo mayonnaise

To Follow:

  • Lamb Skaras: Lamb forequarter pieces cooked on charcoal grill, wilted spinach, herb yoghurt
  • Patates Sto Fourno: Oven baked lemon oregano potatoes


  • Caramel Baklava Ice Cream: Layered with vanilla bean ice cream, caramel fudge and baklava nuts

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The Nostimo Herb Garden

Out the front of our restaurant, all around the Nostimo sign is a herb garden. Mixed in with other greenery so you may not notice unless you’re looking there is an abundance of herbs.

We’re home to Greek basil, rosemary, thyme, oregano, cherry tomatoes, creeping thyme and creeping rosemary. And they’re most definitely not here just for decoration. Our chefs use these herbs in various dishes. They have recently been using a lot of our Greek basil as it’s been growing out of control. Greek basil is a great herb that will survive when it’s a little cooler but thrives in the warm weather that Queensland provides.

It took a while for these herbs to grow to the point they’re at now, but Spring made this garden really flourish. Thank you to Greater Brisbane Gardens for keeping our garden beautiful and thriving.


RECIPE | Pork Belly Baklava


Filling Ingredients

  • Full side pork belly, skin on and bone out
  • 500g pitted dates
  • 500g pistachio kernels
  • Dijon mustard
  • Sea salt
  • 1 litre white vinegar
  • Salt and cracked pepper to season

Assembly of Pork Belly Ingredients

  • 2 x boxes of thick sheet filo (Antoniou brand is best)
  • Date pistachio mix
  • Pork belly slices
  • 500g butter

Date Mastic Sauce Ingredients

  • 500ml of water
  • 500g of pitted dates
  • 5g mastic powder
  • 100ml extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
  • Salt and pepper to season


Filling Method

  1. Fill a large stockpot with water, place pork belly in and bring to the boil.
  2. Boil for one hour, remove pork belly and place into a bowl or container with white vinegar and allow to soak for one hour.
  3. Place pork belly skin up on a baking or wire rack into a baking tray.
  4. Criss cross score the skin lightly being careful not to cut too deep into the skin and then rub sea salt crystals all over skin.
  5. Place in the oven at 200 degrees until skin is crisp.
  6. Once crisp set aside in fridge to cool. Preferable as long as possible (minimum 6 hours) – it gives the pork belly enough time to set which makes it easy to portion and rip off the skin/crackling.
  7. Once chilled, using a filleting knife cut around the skin to where it joins the pork and slowly work around the edges working the knife underneath the crackled skin. The skin may peel off in one piece if you work the knife nicely between the layer of crackling and the hardened fat layer.
  8. Once the skin has been separated from the pork meat, slice the pork belly into thin strips about 2cm thick like a strip of pancetta and set aside.
  9. Whilst doing these steps you can prepare the date and pistachio filling.
  10. Rehydrate pitted dates in boiled water until soft.
  11. Strain, pat dry and then blend in processor until smooth.
  12. Separately, crush pistachios – try to get some different textures, some fine and some a little chunkier.
  13. Mix pistachios, date puree and the Dijon mustard together. Season with salt and pepper. (Note: If you want a nuttier date/pistachio mix layer, add more pistachios to your liking.

Assembly of Pork Belly Method

  1. Melt butter.
  2. Open up filo and place flat on dry surface with a very slight moist tea towel to cover.
  3. Butter the baklava tray liberally. Place a sheet of filo on the base of the tray. (Note: It should pretty much fit in the size of the tray. If not, make sure the filo does not come up the edge, but you can overlap the layers, so it covers the base. Make sure anytime you overlap you always butter between the sheets. The buttering is very important in this process.
  4. Repeat this step five times with six layers of filo on the base.
  5. On the next layer place the pork belly strips so it covers the layers of filo. Once again fit in so it’s a level later.
  6. Repeat step 3 – five sheets of filo with liberal buttering between each layer.
  7. Repeat step 5 – another layer of pork belly.
  8. Repeat step 3 – five sheets of filo with liberal buttering between each layer.
  9. Next layer is the date and pistachio mix – spread evenly over filo layer.
  10. Repeat step 3 – five sheets of filo with liberal buttering between each layer.
  11. Repeat step 5 – another layer of pork belly.
  12. Repeat step 3 – five sheets of filo with liberal buttering between each layer.
  13. Repeat step 5 – another layer of pork belly.
  14. Finish off with another layer of filo with 6 sheets like the bottom. Butter the top liberally and then chill.

Date Mastic Sauce Method

  1. Place all ingredients in a saucepan. Bring to simmer and simmer for about one hour. Note: Always stir to make sure the dates don’t sink to the bottom and burn.
  2. Using a stick blender or food processor, blend all together until smooth.


  1. When baklava is cool, cut into top later of filo and make a diamond pattern. Cut down through the top layer of filo – this will make the top layer rise, so you can get that flaky finish.
  2. Cut pork crackling into diamond shapes to fit within the pattern.
  3. Preheat oven to 200 degrees. Place in oven.
  4. Remove when top layer is golden brown.
  5. Brush with melted butter when it comes out of the oven.
  6. Serve with warm date mastic sauce.

RECIPE | Nostimo Ancient Glazed Salmon


  • 500g skinless salmon fillets
  • 1 teaspoon fenugreek powder (closed flavour to silphium)
  • 60ml ouzo
  • 15ml fish sauce
  • 1 punnet mulberries (if unavailable use blackberry)
  • 60ml honey


  1. Whisk fish sauce, honey, ouzo and fenugreek powder until combined.
  2. Cut mulberries in half and add to marinade mix.
  3. Place salmon in vacuum seal or zip lock bag and pour in marinade mix over the salmon.
  4. Seal bag and chill for at least 24 hours before serving.

Best served within three days of preparation.


Drunken Greek Prawns…last seen at Nostimo Restaurant & Bar in West End!

You know it’s going to be a fantastic summer when the menu boasts DRUNKEN GREEK PRAWNS! Chef in Residence at Nostimo Restaurant & Bar at West End, the acclaimed flavour-maker David Tsirekas, has added this brilliantly named dish to a menu that celebrates classic Greek dishes in a thoroughly modern way.

And that’s not the only new addition – he has also once again called on his love of Greek literary texts and introduced the Tselementes Mousaka 1910, based on the original 1910 recipe of braised lamb, potato gratin, eggplant and bechamel layers.

“This dish is inspired by Nikolaos Tselemetes, a 20th century revered Greek chef who became famous for combining Greek and French cuisine – he was responsible for showing Greeks how to prepare béchamel sauces, pirozhkies, bouillabaisse sauce and to add vinaigrette to dishes. To this day, Tselementes remains synonymous with Greek cookbooks, and his recipes are passed on from generation to generation,” said Chef Tsirekas.

Under the culinary eye of Chef Tsirekas, the lamb forequarter is braised in a seasoned lamb rub of tomato paste, olive oil, salt, pepper, crushed garlic, zest and juice of oranges before adding chopped onions, bay leaves, cinnamon and a bunch of thyme. The bechamel sauce is poured on top of layers of potato, eggplant and lamb, with the dish served with a cos lettuce, apple and yoghurt salad.

But back to the Drunken Greek Prawns… Chef Tsirekas serves them marinated in Metaxa Brandy, lime and coconut milk, then deep fried with a light rice flour batter and served with a mango, mint, golden pepper relish and tarama. Heaven? Absolutely!

“My dishes focus on tradition while still being contemporary and fun, and hero everything that is celebrated about Greek cuisine: produce, quality, seasonality and freshness,” says David.

The new menu dishes are available now at Nostimo Restaurant & Bar.

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