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Located in the stunning Greek Club facility, Nostimo is a restaurant with a focus on favourite Greek specialties with a modern execution! One of the most exciting things about Nostimo’s menu is certainly the fact that the chef and attentive team in the kitchen managed to retrace all the steps to create the best Greek dishes in the most genuine and authentic way. However, they did not just stop to making great Greek food according to flawless tradition: they also gave it a refreshing modern twist, making for a vibrant and sophisticated contemporary feel. The food at Nostimo is expertly prepared with the best fresh ingredients, sourced from reputable suppliers on a local basis. If you like Greek food, you probably know that some of the best recipes come from humble origins: it’s all about combining a few simple, but high-quality ingredients together, making for a very heart-warming experience…just like the Greek grandma you never had, but with a touch of extra class and a very special contemporary feel that will leave you speechless (your mouth will be too busy enjoying the delicious food!)

The a-la-carte menu offered by the restaurant is really comprehensive, and it features some of the most beloved Greek specialties. From indulgent dip & pita snacks to amazing grilled halloumi, saganaki, dolmathes or pork belly souvlaki, you will be able to enjoy a scrumptious selection of starters, small plate or share plates, filled with amazing food made expertly by people who love what they do.

The house also offers fantastic main style larger plates, such as Pork Neck Kondosouvli and Beef Cheek Stifado, two of the restaurant’s most sought-after dishes!

These are only some of the many exciting dishes that you will find in the menu at Nostimo. The varied selection is always fresh and seasonal and it has something to offer to everyone!

Nostimo offers a wide variety of daily special, to keep the menu interesting and current. For example, you might be able to inquire about the whole roasted fish of the day, often prepared with a stunning olive oil and lemon emulsion, as well as a fragrant mixed her salad to add a nice palette of textures and flavours that go hand in hand with the premium fresh fish.

The catch of the day is also available as a stunning pan-roasted dish, served with a traditional salad, made with onions, shallots, currant, fennel, mint, coriander, chili, grapes, orange, apple cider vinegar and delicious citrus dressing.

Another thing that makes Nostimo very special is certainly the restaurant’s inviting environment. This establishment is particularly perfect for anyone looking to enjoy a refined but informal dinner, but also works well for large parties: Nostimo offers some incredible Greek-style banquet meals, which are perfect for parties from 4 people or more. In addition to that, Nostimo is amazing for corporate lunches and other company events. As you know, there is nothing like sharing bread with your colleagues…literally! An amazing professional lunch is a great way to strengthen the affinity between team members and increase the bond of the employees and managers alike. At Nostimo, the staff works really hard to maintain a direct and welcoming environment, suitable to all guests. As they often say, “I came for the good food, and stayed for the nice place!”

What makes Nostimo so special? Well, if you ask us, we’ll tell you that it is a combination of amazing things: the atmosphere is phenomenal, the food is great and the staff are kind, attentive and professional. This restaurant stands out as one of the top eateries in Brisbane, particularly due to its combination of value, great attention to the needs of customers, as well as high quality through and through.

Whether you are a huge connoisseur of Greek cuisine or you are simply looking for an excellent dining experience, Nostimo will undoubtedly be able to cater to your needs, as it stands out as one of the most exciting restaurants in the whole of Brisbane.

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Nostimo is the perfect restaurant in Brisbane for quality dining, corporate events, private parties and more.

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