Signature Series: The Pomegranate Mojito

Switch up your after-work drink of choice and opt for a journey through Greece with one of Nostimo’s signature cocktails, designed by Restaurant Manager Kostas Manekas. Utilising quality ingredients and spirits synonymous with the region, our Greek inspired cocktails offer the ultimate island escape.

To help make choosing your which to have a little easier, Kostas has shared his insight to bring you the flavour files on our signature cocktails.

First up we have Kostas’ personal favourite and a cocktail that is exceptionally fitting for this time of year, the Pomegranate Mojito.

It is customary all through Greece on the first day of the year, while we are entering our house for the very first time for the year, also known as ποδαρικό (podariko), to break a pomegranate on our doorstep.

We enter the house with the right foot first and then we break a pomegranate that has been blessed by our church on the doorstep while saying, “With health and happiness, and as many seeds the pomegranate has that many gold coins to come our way.”

This tradition has been transferred from generation to generation and it is this tradition that gave me the inspiration for Nostimo’s signature Pomegranate Mojito. This particular tradition reminds me my childhood, and as a matter of fact on the 1st of December 2018 while I was designing our cocktail list, my 18 month old son then experienced for the very first time this tradition by breaking the pomegranate on our home.

Make sure you grab one of our Pomegranate Mojito cocktails before January is over, and celebrate a fruitful year ahead!

If you don’t make it in before the end of January, never fear. Our Pomegranate Mojito is available all year round!

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